July 26, 2021 3 min read


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So often we find ourselves eating in front of the TV with our mobile phones in one hand and a fork in the other.


We are all expert multitaskers, especially while eating! We can watch TV, type on our my computer, scroll through social media, have a little conversation and still eat our food.


After consciously practicing eating without those distractions, you soon realize just how disconnected you are from your body and your food.


This is so often the reason why we tend to eat larger amounts of food in one sitting, or why we never really feel satisfied after meals.


Here are a few basic questions to ask yourself just to check in and see how connected (or disconnected) you are, while eating;


Do you polish off a packet of treats in one go?

Do you remember what your dinner looked like and tasted like last night?

Do feel satisfied with the food you eat?

Do you over eat and feel uncomfortable after meals?

If any of these are true for you, perhaps it’s time to slow the pace and bring more awareness to mealtimes.


So, what are the benefits of Mindful Eating?

Less cravings.

You tend to eat smaller portions and feel satisfied.

You choose to eat food that makes you feel good and of course, tastes really good!

You feel better after meals as the bloating or heartburn tends to stop over time.

You start to recall what you ate and become more aware of the food that makes you feel good, energized and healthy.

You stop eating food that makes you feel like sh*t!


So here’s a little challenge for you!

The next meal you have, after reading this, try the following 5 steps below, which have been simplified to make it easier for you to navigate.

How to eat more mindfully:

  1. Get involved in preparing your food – especially if you’re at home. Limit too many distractions during the cooking process. Try play some music instead of turning on the T.V and turn your mobile screen upside down and set to silent
  2. Rather than just jumping straight in, allow your food to cool and just admire the colours and aromas. Your tastebuds tend to pick up on flavours better when your food isn’t piping hot!
  3. When you eat, choose a space away from any technology or major distractions.
  4. As you eat, don’t forget to breathe! Try notice the smells, textures, colours, flavours and any feelings that may come up for you.
  5. When you’re finished eating, really express gratitude for the experience you had with what you just ate. Take a moment before you rush off to do something else.

You may find it difficult to slow down at first, but be patient and try it more than once! You have to give it a fair trial to really notice the benefits of being fully aware of what’s going in your mouth!

You don’t have to be judgemental and force yourself to do it at every meal, but more often than not can have a very positive affect on the way you relate to the food you eat!

After all… enjoying our food is one of the best parts of being human!

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