7 Day Meal, Movement & Mindfulness Program

We've started to realize that there are so many people that want to eat better, feel healthier and get their bodies moving, but are lacking direction or the tools to stay consistent. Does this sound like you?

Well, that's exactly why we created this program! It's for people like you that are needing some guidance on creating more nutritious meals by introducing more plant-based options, while cutting down on the processed stuff. It's opening you up to much more movement for your body, focus for your mind and food for your soul!

A detailed 7 Day Program that provides a daily meal plan, a collection of nutritious plant-based recipes with empowering yoga flows, self care tips and mindful practices interwoven along the way to help you align and shine! Take care of your internal landscape, respect your external environment... Move. Breathe. Eat to Thrive. What we do for ourselves matters!

This Program has been designed to offer you guidance and ultimately help you unleash your full potential to shine brighter and live lighter.

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This program is deeply rooted in eating vibrant, plant-based meals for 7 days. Along this journey, we encourage you and support you holistically but remind you to always listen to your own body - the best teacher there is - especially when it comes to your health & wellness. All high vibrational meal recipes are provided and a meal plan has been created for you to make the entire experience easy and enjoyable. It's time to get in the kitchen and turn your meals into vibrant fuel for body, mind & soul!

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We have designed a movement plan to guide you into a daily yoga flow with basic breath work, simple meditation and an awesome sound journey. The classes are for all levels and we encourage you to meet your body where its at - be gentle, not judgemental and know that your yoga practice combined with mindfulness and nourishing foods is likely to create some subtle energetic shifts, so get excited!

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We have also included some basic self care techniques to compliment and complete your 7 Day Journey. We hope you enjoy all the benefits like increased circulation, better mental focus, more sustainable energy, improved flexibility in the body, chilled in the headspace, happy in the heartspace and ready to embrace every inch of a healthier you! Now is the time to create change, to feel better and to trust that the next 7 Days are here to serve YOU! "What we do for ourselves MATTERS!"


More Plants, Less Processed...and a whole load of fresh & radiant vibes!


Anytime you feel ready for this journey! It's available to you at the push of a button.


In the comfort of your own home


  • A 7 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan with 30 Nutritious Recipes. This is a flexible guide which enables you to choose what works best for YOUR body.
  • A 7 Day Movement Plan with daily functional Guided Yoga Videos & Flows to suit all levels, accessible anytime from anywhere in the world!
  • A 7 day Mindfulness & Self Care Plan for a holistic journey with us which we hope will empower you to make the best possible decisions around what serves your body, mind and soul, the most!
  • A Sound Journey audio.
  • Guided Self Care technique videos.
  • Direct communication and support from the Creator of this Program.


This is a ONE TIME BUY option: R490
You’ll have permanent access to the program, even if you are not a member.


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