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If you want to get your body moving, to chill your mind and decompress a little, but feel the need for some guidance - we have the tools to help you stay consistent along your journey. This service is just for you! We have on-demand classes that can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere in the world! Choose from our library of Yoga or Movement Fusion classes, some Mindfulness, Self-Care and more. Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, there will be an awesome stretch class, workout or tutorial for you in the mix!


We have created various programs of a holistic nature, that are geared towards empowering you to move, breathe and eat to THRIVE! We believe that what we do for ourselves matters!
These programs are designed to make you shine brighter and offer several tools to guide you into more movement, nutrition that is simple but effective, self-care techniques, meditation and mindfulness. A one time buy or members-only offer for bringing balance back into your world. Come experience our MYC vibe and feel fully supported by our MYC Tribe!


Healthy eating doesn't mean 'eat only what's green!' We need to rethink how we continue to deprive ourselves of real food. Healthy eating is all about listening to the most intelligent teacher we have - our body!
At MYC, we are so passionate about food and love making (and of course eating) delicious, wholesome and nourishing meals. For us, it's not about avoiding whole food groups, (like carbs or fats) but rather adding more nutrient dense options onto our plates, while still enjoying foods that make us feel good and happy! We offer you guidance through our recipes in bite size chunks so that your journey with food is easily digested!


Our personal and collective quest to holistic health has lead us to meet some amazing brands and their products, which we bring to you via our online shop.
We only stock selected items that we believe in and are happy to share with our online community. We hope you have a super nice shopping experience with us!


Online is great but in-person is magic! We can't wait to meet you and do some epic stuff together. We collaborate with some epic partners and host events that explore the adventurer within you. Keep an eye out for our Pop Up Events, Day Escapes and Adventure Trips.


Whether it's nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda or skincare advice you need, we have a team of highly qualified teachers, consultants and experts who are super geared to help you on your journey. We offer one-on-one virtual consultations and if you're interested in making a booking, simply get in touch, let us know what you need guidance with and we will do our very best for you!

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