We are yoga, movement and wellness professionals but also real people...

Real people with a burning desire to create a life that honours all the ebbs and flows - the high high's and the low low's. We want to help others explore this too, by gently reconnecting you with your own true potential, reminding you just how incredible it feels to move and breathe and how dang AWESOME you feel by doing this. We want to help you become more confident in your body by getting to know yourself better through breath and movement... when you step on the mat and trust the ground that won't let you down... over and over again, as you commit to this journey of becoming the very best version of yourself. 

This is where our personal passions and professional expertise come together and align so we can bring you the very best of us. We offer you a virtually guided space that you can connect to and access at any moment and from anywhere on the planet - 365 days around the sun!

 We hope that this space guides you deeper to finding your true North. We respect the sanctity of all these mindful practices but we also respect the ART of having FUN! Hang loose, laugh out loud and be playful!

When you're ready, dive right in! Explore our Yoga & Movement Classes, Breathwork, Meditation, Self Care, Nutrition, Wellness Rituals and other fun-based activities that will keep you smiling and fit!


"For me, Yoga is home. It has no bricks, no roof, no address, but it is the one place that calls to the deepest parts of me and I can always trust that it will never let me down. It is the space I go to when I need to fine tune my life and to find the inspiration and courage to LIVE it fully!"


"The is something oddly therapeutic about stepping into a dark and sweaty yoga studio with temperatures resembling those of the sweltering Angolan summer days and pushing your mind and body beyond their comfort zones. On the flip side, Yoga is like pressing pause on the often overwhelming, continuously spinning wheel of life."

These are a few of the things we LOVE doing and this is what keeps us fit, healthy & shining BRIGHT!


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