Mocana Reach Yoga Mat

The Mocana Reach has been designed with extra length and width using the latest high-performance technology. Our designs facilitate superior grip, even when wet. The vertical alignment line increases injury prevention and supports performance, both on and off the mat.

Fit & Fabrication

The Reach is made of Natural Rubber with an open-cell polyurethane top later. The layers are heat bonded together and provide cushion to absorb joint impact. Its alignment line is laser etched using no materials like glue or ink, reducing the environmental footprint of the mat.

Unrivalled Grip

Optimal grip for your hands and feet, the Mocana Reach has a polyurethane top layer for superior performance and durability compared to traditional latex.


A vertical line running down the mat helps you establish alignment during your yoga practice. Once you’ve experienced this feature you’ll wonder how you lived without it.


The thick foam natural rubber support layer offers excellent support and is far less likely to cause allergic reactions.


Black Reach - 214cm x 68cm / 84” x 27”

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