Mocana Yoga Block

Made of 100% Eco-friendly cork, the Mocana Core Yoga Block is a great help in improving your yoga stretches.

Let’s get one thing straight - using props is not in any way a sign of inadequacy. You don’t want to compromise on your form. With a solid grip and soft feel, the Mocana block offers real versatility to your practice, especially if you aren’t ‘stretchy’ enough to get there alone. From a beginner level to advanced Yogi, props like our Mocana Core Yoga Block are here to ensure you have good alignment. With just the right density to provide excellent support, our eco- friendly Mocana block allows you to safely move into your stretches.

Good on your joints, great for your practice, you won’t regret giving the Mocana Core Yoga block a try!

Fit & Fabrication

100% Eco-friendly Cork


22cm x 14cm x 7 (9” x 6” x3”)


600 grams (1.3lbs)

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