Wellness Program - More Plants, Less Processed - 7 Day Nutrition & Movement Plan

This 7 Day Meal, Movement & Mindfulness Program is about creating a positive and sustainable relationship with food and with yourself.

We are so aware that everyone’s energy and nutritional needs are VERY different, that’s why we have designed a program to kickstart you on a holistic journey to MOVE • BREATHE • EAT TO THRIVE, in a way that supports your individuality.

This is a perfect 7 day program for anyone feeling stuck at the moment! It will introduce you to more plant-based nutritious foods, more creative movement and chilled out, mindful practices.


  • A 7 day Plant-Based Meal Plan with 30 Nutritious Recipes. This is a flexible guide which enables you to choose what works best for YOUR body.
  •  A 7 Day Movement Plan with daily functional Guided Yoga Videos & Flows to suit all levels, accessible anytime from anywhere in the world!
  •  A 7 day Mindfulness & Self Care Plan for a holistic journey with us which we hope will empower you to make the best possible decisions around what serves your body, mind and soul, the most!

If what you’ve just read speaks to you and you’re interested in exploring more, simply hit the BUY button.

This is a ONE TIME BUY option only. You’ll have permanent access to the program, even if you are not a member. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support along your 7 Day Journey.

We really look forward to sharing healthy, positive vibes together.

Radiate your inner light – Shine BRIGHT!

Anna & Tina


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