NNN Marine Collagen

Healthy Skin and Joints. Helping you maintain a healthy body with optimal Collagen & Nutrients. Ethically sourced Nordic Marine fish collagen.

120 Capsules – 30 Day Supply

What are the Key Benefits? 

Anti-ageing effect on human skin reducing skin wrinkles. Significant increase in skin moisture. Protecting hair against chemical damage. Bio-available protein which is easily digestible. Free from antibiotics and BSE issues, unlike bovine. 100% pure natural peptides from high-quality wild cod. Low heavy metal content.

What is Marine Collagen? 

Nordic Marine Collagen is ethically sourced from wild cod in the North Atlantic Ocean. Collagen peptides have positive effects on human health and beauty. Collagen is vital for elasticity, flexibility and strength of skin, tendons and ligaments, but also of the cornea, cartilage, bones, blood vessels and gut.

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