NNN Metabolic


A natural plant base formula that contain clinically proven Lowat® to help your body with optimising fat metabolism.

90 Capsules – 1 Month Supply

Why Add Lowat®

Is a non-stimulant weight lose product, finding suggests that the herbal formula LOWAT may influence reducing the fat store in obese individuals, LOWAT is a natural plant formula made up of Piper Betle, Dolichos biflorus, promotes healthy weight loss, with studies this herbal blend appears to be an effective ingredient for weight management.

Taken in the right dosage this herbal formulation assists in fat metabolism.

Why we use VCaps as our capsule.

Vcaps® capsules offer stable and robust performance for a wide range of food supplements. They are ideal for herbs and botanicals, minerals and combination ingredients, as well as hygroscopic ingredients such as mushroom powders and moisture sensitive probiotics and enzymes. – Capsugel

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